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Feedback from some recent clients

What Others Say

"My counselling journey started about a year ago when I self-referred in order to address certain difficulties that I was facing. I started counselling with Piero and I completed my counselling about two months ago. I can say with confidence that the service I received was excellent and it helped me during a rough time. I built a strong relationship of trust with Piero and we explored several areas of need. I am grateful for the support that I was offered and I appreciate all the help I got. I enjoyed the fact that I met with Piero on a weekly basis and this was the time for me to unwind and to reflect on certain behaviours and issues. It helped that Piero was a very understanding and empathetic counsellor who gave me space and time to share my concerns. I cannot thank you enough for being by my side during this crucial time!”...

"There is no shame is seeking out psychological help for depression, anxiety or any other issues that might be pressing you and affecting you in any way.
I was clinically depressed for 3 years without really realising it, but I felt something was wrong. It took a collapse for me to find courage to seek help. Had it not happened, there is a good chance I would have gone on with my deep problems and unfulfilled life.
Over last six months I have learnt to break bad habits, overcome fear and anxiety. I could actually feel the force of life now throughout my day, looking forward to next moment in my life is my mantra. It simply could not be described in words.
Please go out seek help and this will be the best gift that you will give to yourself.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Piero who helped and supported me through this entire process. Piero helped me with Gestalt therapy and it is proving quite helpful in my day to day life"...

"I was feeling sad and crying a lot about my relationships and I was very anxious. I got to the point where I couldn't plan ahead. Piero helped me connect the sensations in my body to the emotions that were raging or trapped inside. It helped me to relax and listen to the needs of my body. At first I felt worse, then after three weeks I began to feel better and I was able to make a decision: rest from work for 4 weeks before I burnt out. Then I carried on with the weekly sessions for another two months and ended feeling much better, with low or no anxiety. It felt like I had got my mind and body working"...

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