Piero Dell'Anno BA. MA. PgDip. Dip. MSc Counselling and Psychotherapy in West Hampstead and Central London

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Helping You Reconnect and Communicate

“Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence."
Erich Fromm

As a couples counsellor and psychotherapist in West Hampstead, Central London, and online, my therapeutic work focuses on human nature and how people relate to one another. I am passionate about creating the right space to support couples in overcoming their current and previous difficulties, helping them to relate to each other through kindness and an increased awareness of the other’s needs.
If you would like to arrange an initial session for couples counselling in West Hampstead, Central London, or online, feel free to get in touch and give me a time that suits you.

Areas I Help With

How we communicate is the most important aspect of any relationship. If you cannot clearly and consistently state how you are feeling to your partner, little issues will develop and, over time, snowball into something worse, leading to a sense of distance between the two of you. Being honest - even if what you say may be difficult to hear - is always better than keeping feelings bottled up. Our sessions give us a chance to foster greater awareness of each other and rebuild the bridge of communication that may have broken down over time.

Attachment Issues
During our developmental years up until adulthood, we might have difficulty connecting emotionally with our parents and perceiving their love. We learn to be creative and adjust to the lack of parental love by developing coping mechanisms. While these may have been the best coping mechanisms for us in the past, they often become less effective in the present. The strategies that supported us as children and teenagers, and were important there and then, can become damaging to our personal relationships if we attempt to live our adult life by them. They start showing up in damaging ways with our partner and create a sense of distance between the two of you. We will explore this trauma and its effect on your relationship, allowing you to move forward with greater clarity.

Parenting can change the dynamic between a couple, and I have high levels of experience in helping people navigate this tricky issue. Many couples fall out over differing parenting styles, for example, which can cause resentment to build and create distance between the two of you. This falls under the wider umbrella of communication, and how to best work together as a communicative parenting couple. We will explore these differences in a safe, open environment, working to foster improved understanding on both sides.

Want to know about my background and qualifications as psychotherapist and counsellor in West Hampstead, Central London, and online? Take a look at my Qualifications page.

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