Piero Dell'Anno BA. MA. PgDip. Dip. MSc Counselling and Psychotherapy in West Hampstead and Central London

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Thoughts are real but they are not the truth

Supporting You To Live More in the Present

I am an experienced, compassionate psychotherapist and counsellor in West Hampstead, Central London, and online who works with individuals, couples, and groups. My area of speciality is Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy and Humanistic Counselling, and these techniques strongly inform the way I work with clients. I believe in the capacity of all people to heal and develop as an individual, to access the innate tendency to achieve what is best for us. Often we lose that ability through a lack of support within relationships and wider environment, and my practice provides a dedicated, private, non-judgemental space where you can work towards being able to once again choose freely in your life.

Keep reading to learn more about the specific modalities I use to help clients as a counsellor and psychotherapist in West Hampstead, Central London, and online.

Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy

I use relational Gestalt psychotherapy because, along with being empirically proven to help people, it creates a dialogue between the two of us, and that is so important. It is not directive at all; I will not tell you what to do. Instead, we will embark on a collaborative journey based in compassion and kindness that takes you to a better place. That sense of a relationship is fundamental to the Gestalt method, because we are in a continuous relationship with ourselves and the world. While being sensitive to the ways past experiences have affected you, relational Gestalt psychotherapy focuses more on the ‘here and now’ – your awareness of the world you live in and your relationships with others.

Our goal is to help you become more fully aware of how you organise yourself in the world, allowing you to develop a greater capacity of who you are and what makes you tick as an individual, along with how you can relate to others in a healthier, more attuned way. Learning about your thought processes in this fashion and accepting your holistic self means you can be free to have a more creative, authentic relationship with your environment.

Humanistic Counselling

In humanistic counselling, I take care to be authentic, open, and fully genuine when I interact with you – not only understanding what you are feeling and saying but also communicating that understanding back to you. This is a space where you will feel heard, seen, and properly understood. This means I will actively listen to what you bring to our sessions and then summarise what you have said in your own words, which helps to reinforce what you are seeing and enables reflection.

You will always be accepted without any judgement. Our sessions are always conducted in an atmosphere of caring, love, and kindness, giving you the space to speak freely and be yourself. Over time, this humanistic approach helps you to develop self-worth, personal growth, and increase your self-awareness, eventually reaching a point where you are capable of directing your own behaviour and achieving your own specific goals.

You might be interested to know what specific areas I can help you with as a psychotherapist and counsellor in West Hampstead, Central London, and online. If so, please head over to my Areas I Help With page.

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