Piero Dell'Anno BA. MA. PgDip. Dip. MSc Counselling and Psychotherapy in West Hampstead and Central London

People, like sunflowers, turn towards energy in search of what gives life and what life gives

I am a clinical psychotherapist and psychotherapeutic counsellor. I have trained in both
Integrative Counselling and Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy. Humanistic beliefs inform the
way I work with clients: I believe in the capacity of all people to heal and to develop as an
individual, once they have an appropriate type and level of support.

I believe we are born with an innate tendency to achieve what is best for us, given the
freedom to choose. During our life, this innate ability can be weakened by a lack of support
within relationships and our wider environment. As a psychotherapist, I enable clients to
better connect with what they are experiencing in the here and now, so as to work towards a
point where they are able, once again, to choose freely in their lives.

This applies to many experiences in life, including problems in personal relationships and in
the workplace. Difficulty adjusting to external stimuli means we may stop relating
harmoniously with our environment, and instead experience dissatisfaction. This may
manifest itself as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, somatization (when psychological
distress manifests itself as bodily symptoms), the need to isolate oneself from others, extreme
anger or suppression of emotions, body desensitisation or hyper-arousal.

I see my role as promoting self-awareness so as to enable clients to “unblock” the present
and/or past. Changing past scripts allows a new narrative to emerge, free from unhelpful
beliefs, biases and societal stereotypes, which in turn leaves clients once more able to choose
freely in life.

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